TURTLE (Short Film)

Written & Directed by Matt Kenchington

Produced by Meghan Weinstein


After reaching out to Meghan in late 2018, to discuss the ideas and vision for my film, I knew she would be the perfect fit as a producer on the film.  Meghan worked incredibly hard from day one, taking care of so many logistical elements I had overlooked.  She was organized, collected, and prepared for any curve balls that were thrown her way.  Meghan was also a great help creatively.  When it came to script ideas and changes, casting decisions, shot planning, and color schemes, Meghan was there to offer her professional insights as to what would not only be best to fit within our budget, but what would be best for the film. One major element was that Meghan kept the film under budget.  On set, she kept things moving, was prepared for — and excelled at — handling location owners and managing their peculiar temperaments.  I couldn't recommend Meghan highly enough for any production, big or small.  Having her on your team will exponentially magnify the quality of your production, and, ultimately, the quality of your film.  

Matt Kenchington, Director

The Djinn (Feature Film) Now in Post-Production

A mute boy is trapped in his apartment with a sinister monster when he makes a wish to fulfill his heart's greatest desire.

written & directed by Justin Powell and David Charbonier

produced by Meghan Weinstein


NOW ON DVD, Cable and Digital HD, iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play and Vudu

written & directed by Harley DiNardo

produced by Meghan Weinstein

I hired Meghan to produce my ultra-low budget feature film in early 2017.  We were making a rock music film with little money but she tackled the project with a totally positive attitude. She brought on crew and talent who were outstandingly professional but fun. I knew the production side of making the film was covered, so I could focus on working with my actors. In post she brought on amazing colorists from Chromacolor, who gave the film the exact look I wanted. She was wonderful to work with, and I feel much appreciation for all that we accomplished together.

Harley Di Nardo, Director



 In Sept. 2017 I hired Meghan to produce my TV pilot. I was pretty intimidated by the scope of the production until I found Meghan and hired her on to work her magic. She did an incredible job, taking care or all the heavy lifting so I could just focus on the creative and relax. I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders as soon as she signed on. She's very knowledgable, hardworking, thorough, as well as super easy to work with. Not only was I impressed with her dedication to the project and her ability to tackle every challenge we faced, I was equally impressed with the talented and hardworking crew she brought to the table for very affordable rates. I am very particular about who I work with and I highly recommend Meghan's producing services. I can't wait to work with her again in the future.

Evan Sorlien, Writer/Director

 I worked with Meghan and her crew on our comedy web series, My Delivery Guy. She did casting, produced, and directed episodes. We were able to complete a 7 episode-season for an ultra low budget with a hilarious cast. Then she was able to market the series and the show was accepted into a couple top web festivals. From pre-production to post, she stayed in contact with me through the whole process and really proved I could trust her to bring the story I wrote to life. She handled the project with the utmost professionalism and I'd recommend her services for anyone who's looking for a hard-working person with a strong work ethic. I'm a writer who's been in this business for over a decade and it was a refreshing change to work with someone who was willing to put the work in and bring a vision to the screen.

Danny Macdonald, Writer/Comedian

When looking to hire people for my crew, I only wanted qualified professionals on the job who were vetted for, were great at their job and had a great attitude on set.  Meghan and I hired a mostly female crew and it ended up being the best possible crew I could have had for my film. Being the director and lead in my own film, I knew how important it would be that the people on set were cool to work with and I could trust them with my vision. I kept hearing from other crew and cast members on set from Day 1, how this was one of the most relaxed sets they have ever worked on. And those comments continued throughout the entire shoot. Having a female led production really was an eye opening experience for me as well as virtually everyone on set. We didn't know life on set could be this chill, professional and collaborative all at the same time. Everyone had good spirits throughout the shoot days late in to the night and they got that job done! I woke up every day excited because I knew my crew had my back.  And here's the most important part, I got the shots I needed and they are beautiful.

Jane Kim, Director/Actress